Happy Birthday to Me

Today is the day I emerge from behind the scenes and bring my writing into the light of day. For years I have dreamed of becoming a “real” writer.  Kind of like I have always dreamed of what I call the “Great Someday”. You know, how you think things like “Someday, I will buy my dream house.” Or “Someday I will travel to Italy.” Until years go by and you realize there is no “Great Someday” because life is to be lived every today we are given.  And, like the Velveteen Rabbit, the more you love and are loved, the more life you live, the more real you become.  I have been writing, and living for over 50 years now. It doesn’t get more real than this, baby!  My high school English teacher wrote in my yearbook: “Keep Writing.”  Better late than never, Mr. Merrigan! Thank you for joining me on my new journey.  I don’t promise to be perfect, but I do promise to be interesting and real.

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